My So-Called Life


Thanks for joining me!  The Cliff’s Note version of me is that I’m the mother of a wonderfully compassionate pre-teen girl, the happy wife to a supportive and kind man, a high school graduation coach, and a yoga teacher.  I recently discovered I’m part of the Xennial Generation, which has also been referred to as the “Jordan Catalano” generation.  If you don’t know who that is, let me fill you in, (and I fully support a binge watching event):  My So-Called Life was a teen drama series that ended after only one glorious season in 1995.  This television show mirrored high school in the early 90s, before smart phones and social media, but full of drama, crushes, parents who don’t understand, and the other timeless difficulties that comes with growing up.

Over the last 20 years since leaving high school, I have had many life experiences that left me bewildered, confused, and insecure; not unlike my teen days.  But through yoga I have found some balance, peace, and happiness.  No, I don’t sit and meditate for hours a day.  No, I can’t put my foot behind my head.  No, I haven’t given up eating delicious bacon.  Yes, I sometimes have hissy fits.  Yes, I still feel insecure.  Yes, I want to share yoga with everyone.  I teach yoga as a high school class, offer community yoga evenings as well as private, group, and black light yoga parties. Life is a journey – we adapt and change all along the path: this is My Yoga Life, and it’s pretty darn great.  Nothing “so-called” about it.


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